It Won’t Be Here Tomorrow  

“It won’t be here tomorrow” was a cry that some stall holders shouted when displaying their wares in street markets. It is doubtful as an inducement to buy and even more doubtful as a statement of truth. However, “they won’t be there in a few centuries” is a less doubtful and probably true statement of the six major glaciers in the West Antarctic. Continue reading

Ice instability in the Western Antarctic

The recent publicity that was given to the claim that the Himalayas may lose their glaciers by 2035 was (depending on which version of the story you prefer) either due to a misprint of the date or a miscalculation which was not spotted or a deliberate attempt to fool us. It is useful to get some insight into the depth of study that scientists put into their assessments of what is happening to glaciers. Continue reading

Why Dr Pachuri should not resign

There has been a great deal of over reaction to a few small errors or mistakes in climate change science. The latest error relates to Himalayan glaciers and has caused journalists to ask whether in the light of these few errors the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change should be radically restructured and whether Dr Rajendra Pachuri, who chairs the panel and who first promulgated the concept of sustainability should resign.

I find these suggestions amusing; they are made by journalists who are hardly faultless themselves and who, unlike scientists, refuse to admit errors Continue reading