Odd Things – Games More Important than Work

The Olympic Games start in London in a few weeks time. London workers are being told that during the three week period of the Olympics and the three week period of the Para Olympics, they will have to concede priority in their travel to from and during work to those participating in the games, and all the great and good officials and politicians. The officials will be able to travel from a hotel in Mayfair to the games site in East London in 20 minutes, using special lanes and traffic lights controlled to give them priority. These officials are the people who have made the games happen and they are so terribly important personages. The politicians are also terribly important for without them what would our lives be like?

But the workers of London who want to travel from East London to Mayfair to work will have to allow several hours for their journeys to and from work. Public transport will be prioritised for the games, roads will likely be jammed as the priority road lanes come into force and if you need to travel to work you are advised to walk or to use a bike. Clearly the games are more important than work, no matter what the work is. It seems a curious priority in times of economic difficulty when work will ease the difficulty, to make working so difficult.

Road Works in London – a new Olympic Event?

If you live in London and have to travel around the city to get to and from work or on business or to see friends you will have noticed that travel is becoming longer slower and less pleasant, whether you go by bus, car, underground or taxi, particularly if you live north of the river. The reason is that there has been a plethora of road and tube works which has seen many roads being closed, many tube lines being disrupted by engineering works and many roads having temporary traffic lights to divert traffic around road works. It is not very pleasant. Continue reading