Risking the Lives of Your Children

If you are safe in one place but wish to get a better life with better prospects for your young family, what risks should you take to achieve your ambition?  Continue reading

We All Lived on Love Street

The late 1960s was quite unlike any other period through which I have lived. We, the young, all lived on Love Street, perhaps not loving as much as we should have loved, but nevertheless loving as we experimented with new freedoms and new joys. We nearly changed the way that people lived, but nearly wins no cigar and eventually greed and the wearisome nature of having to live spoilt our dreams and ambitions for the world. Continue reading

Rationing Life

Life is precious, but so are the things that sustain life and those things are finite, like life. If we hold life important then it follows we have two duties; Continue reading

The Punctuation of Life

I almost every society people celebrate the anniversary of their birth. Their friends and those who love them join in the celebration with cards, presents and other tokens; they are glad that the birthday person was born and show it.  Continue reading

Life is Sweet, While it Lasts

A hundred years ago today a great war started. It led, inevitably to a second great war. Millions of souls were perished and acts of terror were committed by both sides. Today solemn events are being held to commemorate the dead, their sacrifices and those events inevitably add a touch of honour and glory to those who killed and were killed by others.  Continue reading

An Eye For An Eye

Three boys are kidnapped and murdered in Israel. In reprisal it seems another boy is kidnapped and murder in Israel. Rockets are sent to bomb people in Israel from Palestine. In reprisal houses are bombed in Palestine by Israel. many people die. Continue reading

The Desultory Apostate

I am a desultory apostate who does not recognise who he is and why he has become what he has become. What was once written in ink as verse is now carved with tools in the air in prose and moves, is breathed and is ephemeral yet eternal. Continue reading