Exit, Pursued by ISIS

No good deed is said to go unpunished but many attempts to do good deeds are thwarted by the treat of punishment or actual punishment. Antigonus learned that, no doubt cursing as the bear chased him away from the baby. In world affairs an attempts to do a good deed, remove dictators and replace them with democratically elected politicians, we have seen that the attempt to do a good deeds have been chased away by larger less predictable and more serious threats. as the democratically elected leaders who replaced dictators are being chased away by ISIS. Continue reading

You Must Have an Enemy

Whoever you are and whatever you are you must have an enemy. If you are simply living a life sooner or later you will find an enemy or one will be thrust upon you. If you are a nation there will be an enemy and if there is not one your leaders will invent one for you. Continue reading

We Should Be Ashamed

The road to hell is paved with good intentions, it is said. However there are more evil intentions in hell’s pathway than there are good intentions. Outcomes may be not what have been intended, and this may cause misery and suffering, but this is a result of lesser sins, a such as pride, arrogance and the belief that the person upon whose intent the policy has been formed is cleverer and more perceptive than that person really is. Continue reading

The Balance Sheet of Death

Traditionally dictators and tyrants keep good order over the nations they rule, because to do otherwise would put their rule in peril. Once the tyrant is deposed new potential tyrants emerge and the nation suffers civil war and destruction until one tyrant manages to seize power. Continue reading

The Nation State of Terrorism

How did this happen? For twenty years we have been told that terrorism is the greatest threat to our well being. As a result we have patiently queued at airports, taking off our shoes and boots, submitting to personal searches and suffered the inconvenience of wasting time and the inelegance of looking slightly ridiculous as we sought to avoid the terrorist threat. Our leaders have solemnly told us that we must fight wars in places like Afghanistan, depose tyrannical leaders in other places all to avoid the terrorist threat. We did so resulting in the deaths of so many of our soldiers and even so more many civilians including babies killed by our bombing dispossessed by our policies and actions. Continue reading

Destabilising Regimes

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and light by the lamps fuelled on greed and ambition. In Iraq the Western democracies said there was an evil regime, so they destabilised it and reduced the country into a state of civil war where many died; one tyrant replaced another while many competing tyrants jostled for supreme tyranny. The Western democracies  turned their attention to Afghanistan, where they repeated the trick. And then came Libya. Next was Syria and now it is the Ukraine.

yes, there were some evil leaders, but also some elected leaders. Some evil leaders maintained order and with it safety for much of the population because the people were too frightened to raise their voice. But the western democracies encouraged the overthrow of leaders (some of whom had actually been elected democratically) and like a crowd revelling in entertainment, shouted encouragement because the spectacle sold newspapers and advertising on the televisions of those who live in the Western democracies.

It is odd, isn’t it, how the only evil regimes the Western democracies are interested in overthrowing are small countries with relatively little power, often with assets and resources we need, and often countries with whom they have ceased to trade. While the Western democracies are cheering and conspiring in the overthrow of dictators of small nations (of course for the best possible reasons) they ignore the dictators of large nations with whom they trade. The names of the petty dictators are on our lips and in the news as their crimes are exposed, but few can name the ruler of the largest nation on earth and his crimes and those of his regime are carefully ignored.

After the Revolutions

There have been many revolutions in the world which have changed the government of nations or the means of choosing the government. In the Arab world there are series of events which may ultimately comprise some kind of revolution, with the old order changing and a new order starting. Even powerful and secure nations are not free from the possibility of revolution, which is why they support some factions in neighbouring countries, in the expectation that a change of government next door will bring in a government more sympathetic and less dangerous to them. Continue reading

Mr Obama is a hopeful sort of chap

Mr Obama has praised Mr Mandela. Mr Obama has said that Mr Mandela is an inspiration to the world, kind words as Mr Mandela lies on his deathbed. Mr Obama’s well timed visit to South Africa enables Mr Obama to say the nicest things about Mr Mandela, his love for humanity and Mr Mandela’s yearning for justice, Mr Mandela’s principles, and so forth, and so forth. Why, Mr Obama even spoke on the telephone to Mr Mandela’s wife. Continue reading

Enemies of Your Enemies

I suppose it was inevitable. When two people start fighting sometimes others join in. It is never advisable unless you are sure who the good guys are and who are the bad guys. In Syria many different groups are fighting against the government of President Assad. If President Assad were to be overthrown by this revolution there is no doubt that the groups who fought to overthrow him would start fighting among themselves and even within each group there would be those who would fight in that group for leadership. When you get a chance to run a country the stakes are high and there are many people willing to play those stakes. The outcome is always the death of the innocents and that will be no different in Syria than it was in Iraq when Saddam Husain was overthrown, or in Afghanistan, when the Taliban were overthrown or in Yugoslavia, when Tito died or in Libya when Gaddafi was overthrown. Continue reading

What do I know?

In Afghanistan and Iraq and Syria the sound of bullets and bombs makes it impossible for the soft voice of justice to be heard. In each of these nations the nations of the world that call themselves democratic and civilised have, in an effort to reform these three troubled states, either directly invaded or encouraged dissent, which has made war, where there had been oppression, so that where once many where oppressed now all are oppressed by war. Continue reading