Closing McDonalds

In Russia six McDonalds’ restaurants have been shut down by the food safety watchdog from breaches of hygiene regulations. With all the tension between Russia and the United States this might be viewed as part of the political posturing between the two nations but Russia has 438 MacDonald’s restaurants and they seem to sell a million meals a day in Russia, so shutting down six as a temporary measure can hardly be a political act. If it were, it would make me smile. Continue reading

Making Vulgar Abuse a Crime

If you are in the eyes of today’s media a hero, then it seems you must not be subjected to any criticism. An Olympic diver, Mr Tom Daly, messed up one of his dives and as a result missed out on a medal. This is unfortunate because the British media had invested Mr Daly with a god-like aura. Continue reading

The Science of Criticism

Art and science thrive on criticism, science particularly so, because the scientific process is usually a progress from an idea to a fact, from a possibility through probability to truth. You cannot make that journey and reach your destination – truth – unless there is a great deal of criticism and peer review along the route. Even when you have reached what is universally accepted as the truth, you may still be wrong and so the criticism must continue. Continue reading

Governing or controlling the people

Many people believe that governments which govern least are best. If you believe that then you will have been dismayed over the past thirteen years to see that the old United Kingdom Government – a democratic government of a democratic land, has blighted our fair democracy with regulation, control and restriction, often for the sake of control, rather than for any genuine reason. Continue reading