Reading Books is Not a Privilge

When Poplar Library first opened I found it a wondrous place. I was allowed to take out two books for two weeks. If I took a book out in the morning and read it by the afternoon (which I often did) I was not allowed to take out another book that same day. I never thought of reading the books in the library. Continue reading

Memories- the Cheerful Rent Collector

In about 1953 my family moved from one room in Drury Lane to a newly completed estate in Poplar – the Lansbury estate, named after one of Poplar’s heroes. The part of the estate to which we moved surrounded the newly built Chrisp Street Market, and our part comprised of one of seven maisonettes above shops that fronted the market. From one part of the maisonette, we could see the market and the Clock Tower, and from the other part we could see a bomb site. There was a public house – the Festive Briton – on one side and Aunty Rose (we called all neighbours Aunty or Uncle in those days) and her old mother. Continue reading

How London’s climate has changed

If you have never been to London do you know what is climate is like?

I have lived in London, where I was born and during my lifetime London has always enjoyed a temperate climate although the climate of London has been affected by the activities of humans, just like the climates of other great cities in the world. Humans have changed the climates of cities and there is no reason to disbelieve that humans are now changing the climates of the world. Continue reading