Standard Assessment Procedure and Reduced Data Standard Assessment Procedure – flawed tools in the toolbox

One of the reasons why the microgeneration of energy (which is the use of small household technologies to generate energy which is created and used on site) is employed so infrequently is that there is little government support of it in the United Kingdom. Microgeneration is wrongly seen as a lifestyle choice, rather than an environmental imperative. As microgeneration industries have grown in the United Kingdom, government incentives have been introduced (also in the case of some important technologies they have been turned on and off, creating instability. The second reason is that the ordinary consumer cannot be sure about its value, because the government approved methodologies for calculating the benefits are deeply flawed. Continue reading

What the government knows about solar panels and Baldrick’s cunning plan

What do we as a country know about solar thermal systems and how many of them do we deploy, compared with other European countries? The answer to both questions is very little.

First the facts, and I now use figures for 2007. Continue reading