A lack of imagination hampers climate change policy

Scientists are revising their views about the pace of climate change and its consequences. The latest conference in Denmark leaks bad news every day. The scientists there believe that it will be difficult to hold the global warming to 2 degrees Celsius by the end of this century – our chances of doing this are now only fifty – fifty. The sea level rises have been under estimated, and because the conversion of ice to water from the Polar is now becoming better understood and should now be taken into account. When doing so, projecting ahead, they foresee sea level rises of around a metre – which would put much of the world’s poor at direct risk and cost the world’s rich much of their wealth in protecting low lying areas. Continue reading

Carbon Capture and Storage and Aberthaw power station

You may have heard politicians, energy companies and those with vested interests in coal mining ( mine operators and trade unions) talk about “carbon capture and storage” (CCS) as though it actually exists. It does not exist in any viable form, and you should not be fooled when you hear politicans and power generators talk about CCS. It is a concept, not a consummation, devoutly to be wished.

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All coal is dirty

There is no such thing as clean coal, but Gordon Brown does not seem to know that. He talked about clean coal in his recent speech to the Labour Party Conference in Manchester, as though it existed and the conference members cheered and applauded him. It is a bit like the Government’s zero Carbon Homes policy – it is something that just is not possible, with the state of knowledge and technology today. Continue reading

Dangerous board game found at climate protest

A dangerous board game has been found close to a climate change protest site.The coal fired power that e.on wish to build at Kingsnorth in Kent should not be built. I have already written about this project. It is clear that no new coal fired power stations should be constructed until the operators can prove that they can capture the carbon and sequestrate it. Building the plant now, without having the capture and sequestration technology in place is wrong. There is still enough natural gas available to power Kingsnorth and that should be used because its carbon emissions are less than 50% of those of coal, whatever e.on may claim about their own project. Continue reading