How to predict the future climate of the planet

Predicting climate change in general terms must be the one of the hardest things for climate scientists to do. You need massive computer processing power, huge amounts of data and most importantly some reasonably accurate assumptions upon which to base your predictions. With these tools you can do one of the hardest things in your job description – predict general climate trends in the future. Continue reading

The Kaya identity

The Kaya identity is not a bestselling novel created in some word merchant’s factory but a bestselling equation, created by Yoichi Kaya, who is a Japanese energy economic expert. As equations go it seems rather simple to my untrained mind, but in simplicity can often hide great subtlety and complexity. Continue reading

Putting the planet on course to avoid climate change

If you put the words “carbon trading” into the blog search engine you will see that I have been consistently critical of carbon trading in this blog since December 2007. I have critically written about carbon trading many times since I started these posts. I have taken the view that it is a waste of time and money and will not reduce carbon emissions. I have been criticised in my views by bankers, politicians and civil servants, and many times felt like a lone voice against carbon trading as one organisation after another adopted its principles. Continue reading