Evolution and inter species dependency

There are two separate processes in nature. One is an evolutionary process in which animals evolve into better animals more adapted to the environment in which they live. Darwin’s idea was of the origin of species by means of natural selection, which was not only the title of his greatest work but also his own summary of how he saw things were happening. His idea is sometimes called “the survival of the fittest” but that name fails to emphasise the way in which the fittest become the fittest by a natural selection of those with the features that are most adaptive. Continue reading

Professor John Chesshire

There are number of people whom I would honour, were it within my gift, with the title eco-warrior; they come from many different walks of life and each in their own way makes a contribution towards helping to improve life on our planet. Some make a greater contribution than others; John Chesshire was an eco warrior who made a great contribution. Continue reading