The Police Forces who disobey the law

On a personal level, I have always held that a person who is prepared to suffer the consequences of disobeying an unjust law, should disobey an unjust law. This, however, is a matter of personal conscience. If an unjust law is passed – you can think of a wholly unjust law that might be passed, perhaps of the kind that was passed by the Nazis when they were in power in Germany, it is not only meet that you disobey it but it is essential that you do so. Continue reading

MPs expenses – they still don’t get it

After all the publicity and fuss I suspect that many members of Parliament still do not fully understand the depth and intensity of public anger about their expenses. This is not an issue where the public wants to move on or has the slightest intention of moving on. The latest round of disclosures leaves a bitter taste in the mouths of many. Mr Brown seems to have spent £12,000 more than the new official thinks reasonable, mostly on cleaning his second home. Continue reading

Holding terror suspects without charge is locking up democracy, freedom and justice

On the 28th October 1940 Italy invaded Greece. The invasion inspired my father Nicolas Kyriakides to join the Cyprus Regiment of the British Army in Alexandria; he, along with other Cypriots, was promised that if Cypriots joined the Army after the defeat of the Axis forces Britain would grant Cyrus independence. A higher proportion of Cypriots (compared to their population) fought in the war for Britain than any other Commonwealth or Empire force.   Continue reading