Let the Devil Take the Hindmost

“One for all and all for one” should be the motto of the European Union. The point of any union of sovereign states is that they should all help and protect each other. However the real motto of the EU is more “they all run away and cry ‘let the Devil take the hindmost'”. Continue reading

Time to write off debts

The pattern is now becoming obvious. First banks make loans available to nations at cheap rates of interest. The nations borrow more than they can prudently afford to repay. They expect to repay the loans out of economic growth. Gradually and one by one the nations find it difficult to repay the loans. Other nations associated with them try to help them out, but the help usually involves the other nations borrowing money too. Continue reading

Climate Change Conferences and difficulties of creating climate change measures

In December, before Mr Obama takes office, the leaders from United Nations meets in Poland to discuss climate change. We all must hope that the leaders will create a new version of the Kyoto Treaty (which expires in four years time), a more modern one without the compromises and faults that are embedded in Kyoto and a Treaty to which America will place its mark.

Mr Obama will not be President when this summit takes place so it would be inappropriate for him to attend but he promises to help lead the world in global co-operation on climate change when he becomes President. Continue reading