A Big Battery

There are very few genuinely innovative energy products. The problem with energy is that the laws of physics limit what can be done and when it can be done. In the case of electrical energy we have the means of generating electricity from non fuel sources, – wind and light – but until now no really easy means of storing the electricity that we can generate. Attempts to feed solar and wind generated power into a grid fail to be effective in large emission reductions; because of the intermittency of the source of energy we need to have large power stations running on standby by, wasting fuel and creating emissions, to cover the times when the wind does not blow and the sun produces no light. Continue reading

Storing electricity with compressed air

Professor Seamus Garvey is a Professor at Nottingham University’s School of Engineering and he has been championing the concept of electricity storage by using compressed air. Storing electricity is hard to do in an environmentally acceptable way.

Electricity demand and supply is intermittent. Electricity generated from renewable sources is also intermittent. We can store electricity in large batteries (they do this in Japan) or we can use mechanical means of storing it. The most well known of the mechanical means is to build a dam and pump water into it when electricity is over supplied and let the water out through turbines when electricity is needed.

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