Biting the Hand that Feeds Us

Biting the hand that feeds is a natural instinct. Intelligence in those who must be fed is often underdeveloped in the immature and cannot distinguish between the food and the means of giving food and, of course, biting is a natural instinct to a hungry being. Sometimes beings consume the hand that feeds and the parts connected to that hand. Continue reading

An Honourable Abode For John Kiriakou

In the United States of America a citizen called John Kiriakou is in prison. Mr Kiriakou (in Britain we would spell his surname Kyriacou) has apparently or allegedly committed the heinous crime of exposing torture committed by US government personnel. You should know that it is not against the law in America to torture people; there is no law against that, but it is against the law in America to expose or publicise the fact that American personnel have been torturing people. Continue reading

“Disgraceful Conduct of a Cruel Kind”

I have just added the final touches to a book that I have written over the past two years. It is based upon the experiences of a friend you died some years ago – Frank Edmunds. Frank was an intelligence officer during the Second World War and served after the war in the process of bring Nazis to trial and prevent Nazi insurgency, He worked at the Combined Services Detailed Interrogation Centre at Bad Nenndorf where he conducted many important interrogations.

For his pains Frank was charged with disgraceful conduct of a cruel kind and subject to a court martial. My book, which draws on his notes photographs and experiences, is the story of the court martial which Frank regarded as being politically motivated and which at the end cleared his name so that he left without a stain on his character.

I will now go through the process of finding a publisher for the book and if I do I shall let you know. In the meantime, if you are a publisher who comes across this blog and wishes to look at the manuscript of “Disgraceful Conduct of a Cruel Kind” please let me know.