A Tax Upon the Lot of Us

The reaction of people to tax is an odd thing. In Cyprus there are proposals to be decided today for a tax upon savings in bank accounts. All around the world people point out the immorality of a government taking money from people’s savings, even if the proposal is only a one off take of either 6% or 10%, depending on how much the savers hold in their bank accounts. It is odd that there is not a similar reaction to other attacks on people’s savings and earnings. Continue reading

Darling, you’re unlucky.

In January and February of this year I corresponded with Alistair Darling when he was Secretary of State for Trade about some serious failings and structural flaws in the Department of Trade and Industry’s Low Carbon Building Programme, which provided householders and not for profit organisations with some small grants to install microgeneration.  He never deigned to reply, although I did get a letter from Lord Truscott, a junior minister then, which was not a substantive reply but a boastful mini summary of what the letter writer obviously thought amounted to world beating climate change policies which involved the expenditure of £50 million of taxpayers’ money to support microgeneration. Continue reading