A Million is a Large Number but…

A million is a large number. If you counted a million taking a second to count each number it will take you more than twelve days. But words are not numbers; they cost time but the cost is not expensive and affordable by almost everyone.

The daily post has become a habit. Continue reading

Fireworks for the Blind

I started this blog as a good way of trying to trawl for ideas about the environment and to provide a fertilisation device for my own ideas about the environment. I could think of no better way. Writing has a permanence that does not exist in speech which most dissolves into air, leaving perhaps a seed which may flourish and grow as it is written. It matters not who does the writing, but who does the reading and the effect that the reading of the writing has on other minds. Continue reading

My most popular blogs

I have now written more than eight hundred essays on this site, mainly about the environment, on its home page. The most popular posts on this site are:- Continue reading