We deserve a break from his work

Mr Cameron has been criticised for going on holiday with his family at a time of great public emergency. We all need holidays but are not always in a position to take them.

I have no problem with Cameron taking a holiday. It probably signals that the terrorist threat to Britain is nowhere near as big as the media and politicians make out; if the Prime Minster can go to Ibiza on his holidays then the so called crisis can hardly justify calling up COBRA  and a red alert through these islands. The police handled the Woolwich incident well; let them stay in control and keep the security services out of it.

In fact, I would be very pleased if we had no security services. Better to let police work protect us than nameless secret agents. These real life James Bonds serve no useful purpose, as far as I can see, although they do consume huge amounts of public money. I would also stop spying on other nations and stop trying to infiltrate terrorist cells. The principles are simple; if someone breaks the law they should be prosecuted; if they do not break the law we should leave them alone. We best protect ourselves by enforcing the values of our society that we hold precious, not by deviating from what we hold dear in order to continue to enjoy what we hold dear.

Today is a public holiday in Britain, sometimes called Whitsun although it does not always fall on Whit Monday. I remember a bank holiday nearly fifty years ago. I spent it with a friend whose parents lived in Dagenham. On Whit Sunday we went on a twenty eight mile walk for charity, which was tiring but not such hard work. On Whit Monday my friend and I both pushed ice cream carts around Dagenham selling ice cream door to door. It was very hot. We sold out. Between the walk and the ice cream selling I read James Bond books in my friend’s house while the house slept. Even in those days I preferred reading to sleeping.

I never forgot where I first read James Bond, but forgot the twenty eight mile walk and the ice cream selling until for some reason Mr Cameron’s Whit break triggered the memories. Let him enjoy is coffee in the Mediterranean sunshine; I do not know if he deserves his break from work but certainly the nation deserves a break from his work.