Do the wheels on the bus go round and round?

Ignorance is a thing that wastes everyone’s time. I learnt of a solar panel company that exclusively used Genersys solar panels that were asked by the Advertising Standards Authority to prove that the solar panels that they use “worked in cloudy conditions”.  To a layman this might at first sound reasonable enough, but to anyone in the thermal solar industry it is a bit like proving that the wheels on the bus go round and round. I shall explain. Continue reading

Solar panels – different types of absorbers -what they do and how they work

Solar panels for heat have been around for about a hundred years and in that time they have developed by a process of continuous improvement. The solar panels that you can buy today are, in many cases, very different from ones that were used 20 years ago. Some manufacturers have not improved the panels at all while others have made tremendous strides, so if you are in the market for solar panels for water or pool or space heating look for the latest panel type.


At the heart of every good panel is the absorber. This is the black looking surface which reacts to light to generate heat energy. On every panel there is such a surface which when light strikes it there absorber’s surface molecules vibrate, which causes friction. Friction creates heat and thus the process of vibration turns the energy in light into heat, which is captured by the panels.


There are different types of absorber surface. Continue reading

Genersys Mexico on youtube!


Our subsidiary, Genersys Mexico, are launching a series of youtube videos where they explain our solar systems to the Mexican public. The first two now out there.   

Genersys and solar panels on YouTube

It can be hard to find out what you need to know about renewable energy. There are plenty of good web sites but they don’t always provide the level of information that you need. Sometimes they are too detailed and sometimes they are too vague. Sometimes the information is presented in a form that is hard to digest. 

To try to remedy this and in order to provide reliable information in an easy format Genersys has commissioned its subsidiary media company, Genertik Limited, to make a series of very short YouTube documentaries about solar panels and what they do. They will tell you what you need to know and I hope that you enjoy them.

The Genersys showings can be seen on or else follow the link ion the right hand side on this page