How a Zero Carbon Hub will not help the environment

What is a Zero Carbon Hub? It is a public-private “partnership” which is responsible for galvanising action and working with government to ensure that Zero Carbon Homes become a reality by 2016, according to a press release issued by the Zero Carbon Hub. That definition which I promise that I have accurately reported just about sums the waste of time and resources that are going into to a policy which starts with a phrase “Zero Carbon Homes”. The problem with the phrase “Zero Carbon Homes” is that it is, as I write meaningless.

There have been consultations about the phrase and the first task of the Zero Carbon Hub will be to find out what “Zero Carbon Homes” means. No, I am not making this up. Continue reading

The Government abolishes the Merton Rule now Housebuilders rule, OK?

Last November Ms Yvette Cooper is a graduate of Oxford University where she studied PPE. Perhaps the philosophy part of the course concentrated on Machiavellian thinking because her statements could have been composed by the man who wrote “the Prince”.

Last November Ms Cooper having run a flag up the flagpole and found that no one saluted it, said she would haul it down again. Many people believed her, but she spoke with forked tongue. Continue reading