A Dull Day In London

It is a dull day today in London. The news is dull, rather than being frightening, and eyes are turned towards the pavement, because there is little that looks good in the dull light that cloudy days bring at the dog days of March. The Ides of March have passed, and the Lenten sacrifices for those who observe them begin to wear thin. People look less beautiful in this kind of light; they look less hopeful and less contented.  Continue reading

It soothes the savage breast

In 1966 Paul Simon and Art Garfunkel released “Silent Night” which they sang to the background of the seven o’clock news. It was a striking combination. If you listen to the track today (it is on their album “Parsley, Sage Rosemary and Thyme”) you will be saddened to see that the substance of the news has not changed since 1966, only the details. Continue reading