Memories – the Coal Shed

Outside our front door, in Market Square Poplar in an inspired piece of 1950 architecture stood our coal shed.  The coal man would have to haul bags of coal (one bag at a time) up the stairs and into our shed.  We would then remove a bucketful and when winter seemed exceptionally cold light a fire in our front room.  We had a grate and black fireguard, for safety’s sake, and every Christmas at this time we would burn our Christmas tree after twelfth night.  The whole house then smelt of burning fir needles. Continue reading

How the United Kingdom could suffer in another freezing winter

I write this when it is very hot in London. We are sweltering and I am enjoying the heat wave, which I personally hope will continue. However, it was not that long ago when we were suffering such cold weather that my blog entry about how your condensing boiler can stop working in very cold weather got thousand of hits.  Weather changes and we adjust to the changes with heating and cooling. And this made me think about natural gas. 86% of UK homes are connected to the gas grid. Continue reading