Where is the oil price going?

This week one newspaper reported that hydrogen based fuel would be available in a few years, it would be capable of using it in existing cars and would sell for about a third of today’s oil based fuel, provided the fuel was not taxed. If you factor in the tax that all governments now place on fuel, then the new hydrogen fuel would be considerably more expensive than fossil based petrol and diesel, but the news report glossed over this aspect. Continue reading

Will biofuel replace heating oil?

If you have an oil fired boiler you are used to buying heating oil for it. Oil fired boilers use kerosene, which is virtually the same substance that jet engines use. Kerosene has a similar energy content to diesel fuel and its use in heat provides somewhere between 43.1 MJ and 46.2 MJ per kilogram. Kerosene has been around a long time – since 1854 and was originally used in lighting where it was distilled from coal, but today it is distilled from petroleum and sold all over the world. Continue reading

How to reduce your personal energy bills

According to the Government’s preferred index inflation is running at 3.8% and according to the Government’s “unpreferred” index, the RPI, inflation is running at 4.6%. Most people will be treating those figures as a bit of statistical manipulation; for most the real value of the pounds in their pockets (or more accurately the minus figures on their bank statements and the big black figures on their credit cards has fallen by around 10% in the past twelve months, because for most people the real cost of price rises that affects them most are rises in expenditure that they have to make, not in expenditure that they want to make. Continue reading