The Cost of Public Healthcare

Greece is not a wealthy country. Having been ambitiously lured into joining the Euro which its economy could never support, it is now being pressed to repay money it borrowed to support its ambition by its creditors. Continue reading

The Right to be Ill and the Right to be Shot

It is odd that there are many people in the United States of America who think that health care should not be provided by the state for the poorest people who need it and that the state has no business in raising taxes to pay for a national health service whereas in the United Kingdom the politicians during this present general election campaign are vying with each other to promise a better and more expensive National Health Service paid out of taxes. Continue reading

Addiction of Consumerism

The majority of the world, particularly the Western developed world, is short of money. We have spent more than we have earned and spent our money on pleasures and necessities. In the United Kingdom the pay-day loan lenders are being slightly restricted, but the few who make the loans are still going to be living of the many who borrow the money. The borrowers need food, shelter and warmth, but they in some cases have spent their money on pleasures, and whatever the short hit that they got from the pleasure was, they now have to suffer the pain of having to spend their work to pay huge interest on very small loans. Continue reading