We are what we eat and we are fat

I sat around a table and there were eight other middle aged men around the same table. We sat in chairs that were unfussy and had no arms and I noticed that all the middle aged men slouched back in the chairs and as they slouched back (it was summer and they had removed their jackets) their ties sprawled over their rather fat bellies. I looked down at my own rather fat belly over which my tie sprawled. We were nine middle aged fat men. Continue reading

Fat and the Machine that will stop

It seems that dinosaurs were much leaner than we thought. Scientists have calculated that their bones could not support their bodies unless they were lean and wiry, instead of the fat bloated animals that are depicted in pictures and in the cinema. Dinosaurs wer not designed as a fat animal.

It also seems that Americans are much fatter than we think Continue reading

An unhealthy future as the climate changes

Professor Robert Maynard has chaired a panel which, under the auspices of the Department of Health and the Health Protection Agency, has done some very interesting work on how climate change is likely to affect health in the future. The good news is that the warmer weather will be likely to reduce winter deaths due to hypothermia. The bad news is much more than the good news. Continue reading