To be in or not to be in; that is the question

To be in, or not to be in, that is the question that the citizens of the United Kingdom will have to answer on 23 June 2016 when they vote in the sea of troubles that will comprise the referendum.

There are three matters that should influence a voters’ decision; different voters will give different weight to each matter.

  1. Freedom; will we enjoy more freedom within the EU or without it?
  2. Prosperity; will we enjoy a better standard of living in the EU or outside the EU?
  3. Safety; will we be safer within by being part of the EU by being outside the EU?

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To Double Business Bound

There are two businesses in need of our attention.  We must attend to both but we are neglecting them. Continue reading

Most of us live lives that are complex beyond our understanding

“There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio, than are dreamt of in your philosophy”, Hamlet told Horatio, when Horatio was being sceptical about ghosts. Certainly there are more things than our philosophy and our science know of, and this was always the case. Although we may be smart today, there are complex philosophical analytics which even a learned philosopher finds its hard work to understand, and equally complex science which no single person can know, and technology which single people can only understand in layers. I understand how to pound the keys of my computer to write these words, and how to post them on the internet, but not the maze of circuits and solid and moving machinery that works within or the codes within codes that flow through the machine. Continue reading