The Terrorism Act 2000

Just because a thing is legal, does not make it right. There are many laws which are not right in the sense that they are not just. If a law is not just then applying it is an act of injustice, sanctioned by the state. Continue reading

Opening Other People’s Mail

The Guardian has reported that America’s National Security Agency has a secret program which enables it to trawl through computers holding our emails, on line chats and browsing histories without getting our permission or without getting a search warrant. This was one of the matters revealed by Edward Snowden. Continue reading

Kingsnorth and a carbon sequestration competition

Kingsnorth’s proposed power station is not a carbon sequestration project. The government has chosen another way to get carbon sequestration technology. Mainly because it has nothing to do with carbon capture some environmentalists are suggesting that we should boycott the banks that are financing e.on’s new coal fired power station project at Kingsnorth. Continue reading

Suing their wrappers off; journalists upset Tesco

You can sue the pants off someone, but you cannot sue the wrapping off.


Yesterday I blogged about Tesco’s noble aspiration which was to help its customers tackle climate change. The way Tesco decided to help its customers tackle climate change was to label twenty items that it sells with a carbon footprint. There, job done! Tesco can get back to its core business in many parts of the world, including Thailand, knowing that they have helped their customers tackle climate change. Continue reading

Forget renewables in Europe – it would make nuclear and the Emissions Trading Scheme Fail!

Saturday’s Guardian led on a story under the headline “Britain seeks loophole in EU green energy targets”. Apparently the Business Minister, Lady Vedera proposes that renewable energy targets should include projects outside the EU. In other words, we should count as part of EU emission targets projects that we sponsor (or sell) to places outside the EU. It is an astonishing concept because if you do have a target for a country or a group of countries to reduce their emissions it seems risible to count countries not part of that group.

Clearly if the EU were persuaded by Lady Vedera it is easy to see what would happen. We would build wind farms and similar renewable energy devices in places outside the EU, where land is inexpensive and planning controls non existent. We would not have any incentive to create renewable energy within the EU. Continue reading

Climate Change Bill -Mr Benn makes the climate hotter

On the 16th November I blogged about Mr Hilary Benn boasting that his proud new  Climate Change Bill would show the world real leadership at the forthcoming Climate Change Conference in Bali. It was clear to me at the time that Mr Benn had lost the plot, as have the whole government of the United Kingdom when it comes to dealing with reducing emissions. Continue reading