Climate Change, Crimes of Violence and Wars

You can blame climate change for many things; poor crop yields, prevalence of forest fires, poor summers, cold winters, good summers, warm winters, migration of some species and extinction of others have all been blamed on a climate change. Recently climate change has been blamed for rising crime. Apparently, according to some scientists, there is a correlation between rising crime and climate change and between wars and climate change. Continue reading

That Rubbish Tip at the Back of the Garden

China is a large country where many people live. For the past few decades it has opened factories while the developed nations have closed factories because things can be made cheaply in China. As a result the productivity in China has increased, along with economic growth and as surely as night follows day when rapid economic growth occurs so emissions of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases rise inexorably to increasingly dangerous levels. Continue reading


This Spring in Britain is on course for being the coldest ever recorded. Most of us would settle for a Summer that is the warmest Spring ever recorded, as the greenhouse gases and aerosols play swings and roundabouts with the climate, melting more ice at the poles, changing with subtle efficiency the great oscillations, so there is scorching on the Russian Steppes, drought where there was was rain and tornadoes that try to compete with some conceived on Venus.

Energy Prices Will Rise but the Problem is More than Rising Prices

The British consumers of energy, both domestic and industrial, face the inevitability of even higher energy prices over the next few years. At the moment electricity prices are about the same in the United Kingdom as they are in continental Europe, but natural gas prices are just over half the price of natural gas. All that is going to change and if you feel that you are paying far more than you envisaged for energy now, then you will have to budget more carefully in several years’ time. Continue reading

Dohar Climate Change: where’s the money?

It is ironic but not unexpected that the Climate Change negotiations in Dohar have turned into an argument about money. The poorer nations, whose activities do not cause rapid climate change, are asking the richer nations, whose activities do cause climate change, to compensate them for the extra money that the poorer nations will have to spend or lose as a result of climate change. Continue reading

Accidents will happen on oil and gas rigs, again

For the past few days theElginrig in theNorth Seahas been leaking methane. As a precaution “non essential” workers have left the rig. Methane clouds have been noted above the rig and gas concentrate six miles long has appeared as a sheen on the sea surface. Continue reading

Oh, no, yet another greenhouse gas!

Sulphuryl fluoride, also known as sulfuryl fluoride has been identified as another greenhouse gas by scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography. The chemical is used in gaseous form for fumigation. Continue reading

Global Warming Potential Index

George Orwell wrote that some animals are more equal than others; when it comes to greenhouse gases some greenhouse gases are more equal than others. When we think of climate change and greenhouse gas, we always think about carbon dioxide, and most of the articles you read stress the importance of reducing carbon dioxide emissions, because humans emit carbon dioxide into the atmosphere more than any other greenhouse gas. But carbon dioxide, although the most prevalent greenhouse gas, is not the most potent greenhouse gas. Continue reading