I shall not anticipate a green budget

On 22nd April the Government of the United Kingdom will announce their budget for the forthcoming year. This is when the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Mr Darling, will announce how much money the Government will expect to receive from taxation, and how much money it expects to spend. Continue reading

The United Kingdom’s economic stimulus ignores green energy

The penny is beginning to drop. The United Kingdom is not a powerhouse of green renewable energy; it does not lead the world in renewables, in fact it spends less on renewables per capita than virtually any other developed nation. Ignore the spin about the Climate Change Act – the government just does not understand the danger of climate change and energy security; if it did it would act very differently. Continue reading

Time for the climate change talk to stop

To permit the climate to change or not to permit the climate to change; that is the question. You can read, see and hear about the importance of address climate change every day. Most of the talking is done by scientists and politicians. The former group can see the evil of climate change that threatens us and the latter group do the talking, but the talking by the politicians give rise to very little action. Continue reading

Training the new eco warriors

At last week’s at Green Party launch of their “Green New Deal” campaign in Genersys’ London offices, we took the opportunity of filming me and the leader of the Green Party, Dr Caroline Lucas discussing solar thermal. In fact in my enthusiasm I see, having looked at the clip, it was more of a speech by me extolling the endless virtues of solar to a patient Dr Lucas, rather than a discussion. Continue reading

The Green Party launches the Green New Deal at Genersys

Yesterday the offices of Genersys were used by the Green Party to launch their candidates for the forthcoming European elections. The candidates were filmed by the BBC and ITN against a background of our solar panels and advertising material because the Green Party, led by Caroline Lucas, have a program for a Green New Deal – which will create hundreds of thousands of new jobs. Continue reading