It Won’t Be Here Tomorrow  

“It won’t be here tomorrow” was a cry that some stall holders shouted when displaying their wares in street markets. It is doubtful as an inducement to buy and even more doubtful as a statement of truth. However, “they won’t be there in a few centuries” is a less doubtful and probably true statement of the six major glaciers in the West Antarctic. Continue reading

Global Warming: belief and disbelief

Pine Island, Thwaites and Smith Glaciers are in the west of Antarctica. They are rapidly losing ice at the rate of 150 cubic kilometres every year, and that makes up to 15% of the annual global sea level rise. Continue reading

Swings and Roundabouts of Galciers

To the west of the Himalaya mountains is another high mountain chain which is the home to the world’s second highest peak,K2. The range is called the Karakoram and like theHimalayascontains many glaciers. Unlike theHimalayasglaciers in the Karakoram are not shrinking but are growing. Continue reading

The Planet’s Diuretic

We do not need much, as opposed to want, in order to live. We need a safe place to live and the means to produce sufficient food and water and very little else. We can wish for medical facilities, transport and a whole host of other things that people now think of as necessities, but in terms of need, we need very little. Continue reading