…And the Whole World Goes Blind

There has been so much killing, caused as a punishment for other killing, there have been so many murders. that the cause of all these deaths is now hard to discern. We can know the immediate cause of the deaths of nearly 300 Russians who were blown up when returning from holiday in Egypt, or the immediate cause of the 126 people who were murdered in Paris, but not the root causes of these events which are shrouded in the thick fog of history and as such open to misinterpretation or complete misunderstanding. Continue reading

Congratulations, Tony Blair

Mr Tony Blair must be an enormously gifted businessman. He spent ten years as Prime Minister and left us with two years of Gordon Brown in charge. During those ten years there was some prosperity and a great deal of dogma which we now see has little foundation in truth and by the time Mr Brown’s short term of office had come to an end we found that the bankers had stolen all the money under the sleepy eyes of various politicians and regulators, which politicians included of course Mr Blair. Continue reading

Dangerous board game found at climate protest

A dangerous board game has been found close to a climate change protest site.The coal fired power that e.on wish to build at Kingsnorth in Kent should not be built. I have already written about this project. It is clear that no new coal fired power stations should be constructed until the operators can prove that they can capture the carbon and sequestrate it. Building the plant now, without having the capture and sequestration technology in place is wrong. There is still enough natural gas available to power Kingsnorth and that should be used because its carbon emissions are less than 50% of those of coal, whatever e.on may claim about their own project. Continue reading