Let the Devil Take the Hindmost

“One for all and all for one” should be the motto of the European Union. The point of any union of sovereign states is that they should all help and protect each other. However the real motto of the EU is more “they all run away and cry ‘let the Devil take the hindmost'”. Continue reading

Till the Eagle Grins

Many nations suffered in the Second World War, but few suffered as much as Greece, if you can measure suffering per capita. Many Greek people were not only killed in the war by fighting but many starved to death and the Greek Campaign from 1940 to 1941 diverted German military resources from their impending invasion of the Soviet union, much to the benefit of the Allies fight against the Axis. It is difficult to understate the Greek contribution in the War. Churchill said “It is being said that Greeks fought like heroes – but in fact heroes fight like Greeks”. Continue reading

Greedy Greeks?

German tabloid newspapers have, describing the present debt negotiations between Greece and the European Union, as “Greedy Greeks”. It is a singularly inappropriate epithet for a nation in distress seeking to alleviate its distress, rather than to surfeit on that it does not own. Frequently tabloid newspapers can hit the metaphorical nail squarely on the head, but in this case they simply use convenient alliteration to whip up undeserved contempt for a nation with which theoretically they are in partnership but in truth presently treat as a vassal state. Continue reading

The Logic of Greek Loan Repayments

I think that Greece are onto something when they ask Germany to repay the value of assets stolen by Germany from Greece in the Second World War. Continue reading

Who are our enemies?

The United Kingdom is a small but heavily populated nation on the North Western edge of Europe. For centuries it was a hared place to invade because and enemy had to cross the sea, often against the prevailing winds. England was invaded last nearly a thousand years ago. England has since been able to invade other nations but for the past sixty eight years it has been a peaceful place, where there have been no threats of invasion. Britain is now friendly with its traditional enemy France, and very friendly with Germany Spain and other large continental nations. It claims a special relationship with the world’s most powerful nation, the United States. Continue reading

Europeans – the Good, the Bad and …

For years some nations that are part of the European Union have be criticised or being bad Europeans. The original Bad European was the United Kingdom, who failed to whole heartedly follow all the proposals about EU law and policy emanating out of Brussels, refused to join the euro and opposed a single EU Federal state. The Good Europeans were Germany, France and the Benelux countries and as the EU enlarged nations like Greece and Ireland were considered good Europeans and Poland and the Czech Republic were characterised as bad Europeans. Continue reading

Nuclear Power to end in Germany

Some countries have no nuclear power stations but want them. We are told that these countries cannot be trusted with nuclear power, because they might use nuclear power to build nuclear weapons, so we oppose their acquisition of nuclear power on self invented ethical grounds. Some countries have nuclear power stations and nuclear weapons and we think some of them can be trusted with it, and as for those we cannot trust we close our yes, cross our fingers and hope. And then there are those who have nuclear power stations but wish they hadn’t. Continue reading