Looking through the razor wire

I have been following the stories on the media about migrants. All are fleeing the places where they and their ancestors lived for generations to developed countries mostly in the hope of a better safer life and occasionally in order to avoid persecution, torture and death. They are people who cram into small unsafe boats and cross the seas, or people who swim rivers in attempts to enter other nations. Some make their way through Europe in the hope of joining the United Kingdom’s sixty four millions and end up in camps in Calais where they risk life and limb to hide in and under trucks in the hope of making it across the border. Continue reading

In the End No One Was There to Come

Someone commented on my recent post about the IPCC and linked the way in which climate change has become a movement claiming that it is without scientific foundation with the way in which economies are built upon a fiction of worthless money. It set me thinking.  Continue reading