Agent Orange Making A Come back

Genetically engineered crops are supposed to have the advantage in that (among other advantages) they are highly resistant to diseases that threaten crops and thus will require fewer herbicides and other dangerous chemicals or they would be unaffected by chemical weed killers which are used to control weeds in places where these crops are being grown. Continue reading

Are You Proud of the Food You Make?

It is difficult to understand the objection to labelling genetically modified foods from any standpoint except that of the profits of companies which produce genetically modified food. Traditionally manufactures of food do not want to label their food unless they are proud of where it comes from and its ingredients. If a food manufacturer is not proud of its product it wants to keep the ingredients and where they come from secret. Continue reading

Genetically modified food and the least bad choice

It is easy to make a mistake when you have to choose between the lesser of two evils. Tony Blair made such a mistake as did George Bush when they decided to fight a war against Iraq. They chose the wrong course of action because they underestimated the bad consequences of the war and over estimated the dangers that would happen if they did not fight a war. Continue reading