Votes Per Seats

There is something dreadfully wrong with the way that the United Kingdom elects its members of Parliament. Every voter is allowed one vote in his or her constituency. The candidate with the most votes wins the seat, even though the opposing candidates may have mustered far more votes. That seems fair enough, until you look into the recent election in detail. Continue reading

We are all hard working families

Spring is supposed to be a time of new birth and a time of hope. Hope is not very much in evidence as the United Kingdom kicks off the game for a new general election. Most of the parties try to appeal to populism without being specific about their policies. They all try to appeal to hard working families. We are all, it seems, hard working families even those who are slothful and do not by choice choose to work.  Continue reading

Voting in the General election

In the United Kingdom today around 24 million people will walk, cycle or drive to a polling station – in a Church Hall, Community Centre or in a school and cast their votes in a General Election and in a local government election. There will probably be a change of Government and a change of Prime Minister but the electorate has a habit of making pundits look foolish. Continue reading