Greek Debt and the Pipeline

While the European Commission are trying to reach agreement with Greece over the repayment of its debt and Greece is trying to resist European calls for more austerity measures which will inflict more hardship on the Greek people, it is interesting to note that the only positive news for Greece which will create jobs and help the nation towards prosperity comes in the form of a Greek deal with Russia over energy. Continue reading

Who controls Europe’s natural gas?

I have always been concerned about the way in which the United Kingdom’s energy supplies are not owned by the United Kingdom. Last year the remaining energy company that had a significant state interest, British Energy, which was the United Kingdom’s largest electricity generator was sold by the United Kingdom Government to EDF, a company controlled by the French Government. British Energy generates electricity mainly from nuclear energy.

It seems to me obvious, and presumably to the French and the Russians, that energy is critical to our safety, well being and prosperity, that one way or another, the State should be able to control energy within its borders. Otherwise, the inhabitants of the state are at the mercy of the businesses that do control it. Continue reading