A state of wickedness: governments and the law

There is a great deal of good in the world but also a great deal of wickedness. News tends to concentrate on the wickedness but despite millions of words and hours being devoted to wickedness we humans never seem to understand the evil of being wicked and wickedness continues to happen. State wickedness is particularly heinous. The only reason for submitting to the laws of the state is that the state is created to protect its subjects; that is why we subject ourselves to the rule of law. So when the state embarks upon some wicked enterprise we are more shocked than we are when we learn that an individual has committed some awful crime. Continue reading

Cluster Bombs in Libya

Shock, horror; it has been reported that in Libya Mr Gaddafi’s forces have been launching cluster bombs as part of attempts to regain a city lost to the rebels. There has been great condemnation from the so called civilised world that a weapon, developed in Germany, Italy and the United States of America more than sixty years ago and used by Germany (in the second world war) Russia (in the Chechen war), Serbia, NATO, the United States (in Iraq) Israel (in Lebanon) and Georgia and made in many countries in the European Union (including Spain) is now being used by this vicious dictator in Libya. Continue reading

The Libyan Adventure

It started off as a reaction to a belief that Colonel Gaddafi was instructing the Libyan armed forces to kill civilians. The Western nations decided that a “no fly” zone should be created to prevent the Colonel (whom they had feted and bought the oil produced by the nation of which he is leader forty two years) from doing this and quickly the no fly zone was expanded into virtually any form of action upon which the Western Nations and other nations could agree. Not merely was a no fly zone created but aircraft, tanks and some Libyan forces have been destroyed. Continue reading