Oil prices

The price of oil has been falling steadily and is now at around $88 a barrel, although this price fall has not translated into lower energy prices and lower fuel prices. The reason for the price is is Continue reading

How to Control Fuel Prices Without Increasing Pollution and Global Warming

In the United Kingdom the government has decided that the energy companies (there are six that control 99% of the market) have been giving such poor value for money that they should be forced to write to all their customers offering to put the customers on their cheapest tariff. This of course is a policy, devised by an idiot full of words and nonsense signifying nothing.

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Energy independence; we must strive for as much of it as we can achieve

One of the most vulnerable parts of a developed society is the supply of energy. If the supply of energy is disturbed, interrupted or even threatened society has to make rapid adjustments many of which result in suffering and loss of prosperity. Continue reading


In the United Kingdom inflation is falling marginally to about 5%. Many economists think that by late 2012 UK inflation will be below 2%. The simple explanation is that the very high inflation is largely due to high fuel prices, but has been mitigated to a small extent by lower food prices, lower air fares and lower petrol prices. I understand the simple explanation but there is a more complicating factor which the economists are ignoring. The so called quantitative easing has injected many hundreds of millions of pounds into the economy. That money must, inevitably, result in inflation. No one seems to address the point of  how that will affect inflation. Continue reading

UK Energy statistics – what they show

The official UK figures for the first three months of energy consumption and prices for 2008 have now been released. We seem to be moving in the right direction, as far as climate change is concerned, but this is due to market forces as opposed to Government policy. Continue reading