Too Much and Too Little

Many people have died recently as a result of exceptionally heavy monsoon rains in Burma, Vietnam and south eastern India. The rains have caused landslides, polluted water courses and even though there is water everywhere it is undrinkable.  Continue reading

Los Alamos Fire risks Plutonium Waste Stores

The city of Los AlamosinNew Méxicohas a population of eleven thousand people and 30,000 55 gallon drums of contaminated plutonium waste. The drums are not stored where people live but close by in the open air in the grounds of the Los Alamos National Laboratory which was famous for developing the atomic bomb. People and plutonium do not live comfortably together and when nature intervenes the discomfort turns into danger. Continue reading

Burning forests around the world and burning coal in Washington

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has reported that the growth in greenhouse gas emissions over the past forty years has largely been down to increased use of energy. They mean by energy both power and heat, not just electrical energy. Continue reading