Playing the Race Card

Allegations of racial insults are being made with increasing frequency, although without doubt as a whole the British nation has become less racially prejudiced with each year that passes. It is difficult to understand why racial insults are becoming more prevalent. Each year more of us find that more of our acquaintances and relatives by marriage are of a different race than our own race, and each year we have a less focused understanding of what race we belong to. It seems therefore that the racism is more about colour than race.  Continue reading

Take a Bow, Constable Alex Morgan

We are surrounded by music. We do not listen to much of the music we hear. Even when we listen attentively we can find that our attention drops or is stolen by some other entertainment. Often the sounds that we hear are offensive or seek to steal our attention from the task of shopping. The isle may be full of strange sounds but they do not always give delight and sometimes they hurt.

I remember many years ago before football matches in the early sixties; fans sang then not musically but usually with wit. At the stadium of my favourite club we had the band of the Metropolitan Police play before each match and while they played people talked chanted and sang in the pre match rituals of the day. Before the players came out to the pitch a tenor sang light opera; it was usually I remember one song which ended with the tenor holding a powerful note. Take a bow, Constable Alex Morgan.

The Odd Thing About Football

I like football – the kind that you play with your feet and spend most of the time kicking a round ball trying to kick it into a goal. Billions of people also like football. Its rules are simple, its requirements for equipment are minimal and can be played in almost every weather condition. It is a real game of the people.

When I cannot play football I like to watch football, the game of the people. The odd thing is that football is watched on television by poor people who listen to the commentary and punditry of much wealthier people on games played by incredibly wealthy people. It is an odd state of affairs for a game of the people.