A Growing Population in a Shrinking World

I remember reading years ago that a landowner wanted to stock a pond, which had no fish, with carp, that magnificent specimen of European fish which grows slowly and very large, and can easily grow to be large enough to feed a big family for several days. In a normal eco system carp in Europe will slowly grow to more than 30 pounds in weight. The fish is suited to ponds because it can survive low temperatures and low oxygen water. Continue reading

The Arctic Ocean was once full of life

The Arctic Ocean is home to very few types of life. There are some plankton and algae, which provide the food for small fish, worms, crustaceans and molluscs, which in turn are eaten by cod. The cod are eaten by seals and the seals are eaten by polar bears. Of course, it is all a bit more complicated than that but there are not many different varieties of life in the Arctic Ocean because the fact that the ocean is mostly frozen tends to limit the size of the food chain. Continue reading

Humans keep culling animals of every kind

Have you been to the zoo recently? If you are forty years old or more you may find it astonishing that the London Zoo reports that the populations of land based species of animals has fallen by 25%, sea animals by 28% and fresh water animals by 29% all since 1970. In that time the population of one species of animal, homo sapiens has risen from around 3.8 billions to 6.7 billion so we know which species is making all the room for itself, like a cuckoo chick slowly pushing all the other chicks out of the nest. Continue reading