Fish Supper, anyone?

I sometimes eat in a fish and chip restaurant close to my office, which has been selling fish and chips for nearly a hundred years. It is called “the Golden Hind” and is quite famous. The owner of this simple establishment tells me he sometimes gets calls from America from people who want to book a table. Fish and Chip shops generally do not reserve tables but serve first those who come first. Continue reading

What will happen to the climate?

In the last few days there have been warnings from three different sources that climate change is accelerating faster than we previously thought. James Hansen, the grand old man of climate change wrote with passion and with science in the Observer on Sunday; Professor Chris Field speaking in Chicago thinks that the International Panel on Climate Change has underestimated the speed of climate change significantly and the University of East Anglia, led by Dr William Chueng, predicts huge changes in fish populations caused by an ever warming ocean. Continue reading