Jaw Jaw is Better than War War

Churchill said “Jaw Jaw is better than war war” and he was right about that. Today we see, amongst all the war and killing that is being perpetrated on a global scale, green shoots of possible peace springing up in nations that have been traditional enemies for many years. Continue reading

Fighting without Risk

I have read through mountains of adjectives about terrorism and through a plethora of ideas, concepts, proposed solutions and polemic. It is a shame that it takes an event like the murder of cartoonists to get people thinking about solutions to terrorism. At the moment we are too frightened to implement solutions; we only paper over the cracks or relieve some of the symptoms without curing the disease.  Continue reading

Dulce Bellum Inexpertis

War is sweet to those who do not know it and it was said when Greeks ruled Southern Europe. Our bodies are not designed for fighting, but for loving and embracing and not for fighting. Continue reading

Fight Fight Fight

When I was at school boys often fought each other. Sometimes there was a genuine reason for the fight, but more often than not the fight was encouraged and cajoled by other boys who simply wanted the entertainment of watching a punch up. Tow protagonists were identified, surrounded and then encouraged to fight, even though one of them never wanted to fight. Boys fear loss of face and so the encouragement usually resulted in a fight. Boys started screaming for a fight before the hostilities commenced, just to make sure that they did commence. Continue reading

Good Arguments Defeat Bad Government

The right to bear arms in America has always been a matter of controversy. What some Europeans fail to appreciate is that the people who wish to exercise the right to bear arms do not just want to do so to protect themselves from robbers and murderers and rapists. They also fear the government and want to protect themselves from the government and government interference. Traditionally, the right to bear arms is associated with the American Revolution when the fact that the people did bear arms enabled them to successfully revolt against the British. Continue reading

Preparing for War

A hundred years ago powerful nations in Western and Central Europe were preparing for war. I feel that nations wanted to go to war. They were intoxicated with the thrill of a war, there having been no war for many years. They wanted to protect their imagined interests. These interests they held as rights; but rights are very different from interests.  They imagined they had the right to build and sail warships, the right to oppress and enslave Africa, the right to enforce nations to trade with them, the right to deny many of their subjects self determination and the right to defend themselves by offensive pre-emptive action. Continue reading

Does anyone outside Afghanistan really care?

The United States of America launched a drone attack a few days ago. The drone contained a bomb which exploded on a home in Southern Afghanistan, killing a two year old child and injuring two women. Continue reading