Large Scale Solar Farms Generating Electricity

In Broxford in Suffolk Santander are building a 60 hectare array of solar photo-voltaic panels, which they expect to generate 32.8 megawatt of electricity. The array is being built on a disused airfield.  It will be one of Britain’s largest photo-voltaic installations. and will feed electricity into the grid during daylight hours, cashing in on the very large subsidy that the United Kingdom taxpayer pays. Continue reading

Fighting Climate Change

To fight climate change we must understand climate change completely. To understand climate change completely we must be cleverer than we are at present because we understand almost nothing completely. To understand climate change incompletely we must simply be as we are now. There are degrees of incomplete knowledge; our incomplete knowledge of climate change is sufficient to enable us to fight it. To fight climate change incompletely we must try to fight and then then hope that what we try will succeed. Fighting climate change does not secure a victory; it merely gives us a possibility of victory. If we do not succeed in fighting climate change we shall perish. If we succeed in fighting climate change we have a chance of not perishing. It is probably as simple as that.

Do we really believe in Climate Change?

I have called this series of posts “Ideas for the Environment” because the starting point for all environmental protection and preservation has to be from ideas.  We are making a mess of our children’s inheritance and are self negligent trustees of what we administer for future generations. Continue reading