Time to Put on your Thinking Cap, Mr Barker

Greg Barker, the United Kingdom’s Minister for Energy has been vigorously defending his government’s decision to cut the subsidy on photovoltaic solar panels which produce electricity. He point out that indexed linked at 43p per kWh for twenty five years the feed in tariff was too good to be true, although actually it was true and it is about time that the government curtailed the excesses of the electricity feed in tariff for an energy source which cannot be stored and which is produced when we do not need electricity, in daylight hours. Continue reading

Grants for Solar Water Heating in England and Wales

I have always thought it right and proper that public money is spent on supporting individual renewable energy systems. I could write pages on why it is right and proper to do so but I expect many readers will want me to cut straight to the chase and explain the solar water heating grants that are available to those who want to help save the planet and save some of the money that they will spend anyway on energy by installing a solar water heating system. Continue reading

The Government announce that they will announce an announcement!

The United Kingdom’s Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change (what a grand title) Mr E Miliband spoke on television about energy. He announced a forthcoming announcement. That is the way Governments do things these days; they throw policy teasers into the wind, then they talk about forthcoming policy announcements and then make the announcement. Having made the announcement they then make it at least three or four times more, so that by the time they are making the policy most people think that this has been the policy all along. Continue reading