Humanity is a Prime Suspect

Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina have experienced severe flooding. There have been unprecedented levels of rainfall and the floods are certainly the worst that the region has experienced for a century, possibly longer. Continue reading

Dohar Climate Change: where’s the money?

It is ironic but not unexpected that the Climate Change negotiations in Dohar have turned into an argument about money. The poorer nations, whose activities do not cause rapid climate change, are asking the richer nations, whose activities do cause climate change, to compensate them for the extra money that the poorer nations will have to spend or lose as a result of climate change. Continue reading

Who believes in Climate Change?

If something affects you, it becomes important. If it does not affect you, then it usually has no importance to you, although it is still there and it has importance to other people. When we read of wars and people dying, we may feel sad that thirty Afghans or twenty Iraqis or ten Syrians or half a dozen Palestinians have died in some act of violence designed for someone to sustain or achieve power over others. Then we “move on”. Continue reading

Problems with unvented hot water cylinders in freezing weather

If you have gas central heating and in very cold weather you find the heating is working but no hot water is coming out of the taps and cold water is only available to some of the ground floor taps then you need to get your hot water working. Continue reading

Don’t worry about extreme weather, says the Treasury, as well as the Advertising Standards Authority

After the Advertising Standards Agency has ruled in their wisdom that the Government exaggerated the threat of climate change, the Government are at it again, or at least the House of Commons Audit Environmental Committee is. If you apply the ratio decidendi (as the lawyers used to say – which simply means the rationale for the decision) of the Advertising Standards Authority to the Environmental Audit Committee, then the Environmental Audit Committee (as well as the Royal Society) are exaggerating climate change threats by calling for much more government spending on making homes and buildings And infrastructure projects more resilient to flooding and excessive heat. Continue reading