Nations that Manipulate Tax Rules

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg has rightly been accused of manipulating its tax rates to enable large multinationals like Amazon to avoid paying corporation tax on the profits that they make on business in the jurisdictions where they make the profits. The main architect of this is the gentleman who now heads the European Parliament, Mr Juncker, which shows that if you have enough front you can get away with almost anything. Continue reading

Empires of the Bureaucrats

The votes have been counted in the European election for members of the European Parliament and in the United Kingdom UKIP (the United Kingdom Independence Party) has proved the most popular organisation.  Continue reading

Please vote on Thursday

The United Kingdom will be holding two elections on Thursday. One Election will be for representation in Europe where Members of the European Parliament will be elected, and another will be for local authorities, where local councillors will be elected. There is no doubt that the elections will be very bad for the Labour Party. It will end up as a death by a thousand cuts. The Labour Party is the party that governs the United Kingdom. They have to take the blame for the expenses scandal that is making us all so cross. The fish stinks from its head. Continue reading