Savings on Solar Water Heating Systems

I suppose that it is easy to by repeating things, give them an aura of the truth. I was at the Eisteddfod in South Wales, hugely enjoying visiting the stalls. I have never been to one of these events before and this one was like a combination of a music festival and an outdoor exhibition. It was well worth visiting especially as many exhibitors were showing items that they made themselves and which being handmade had the unique quality that comes of something special. Continue reading

Emissions savings and Energy savings: time to stop talking about it and start doing it

I have for many years criticised the government for talking about the environment and reducing greenhouse gases, but failing to do much more than talk or set up talking shops and advice centres. In fact the talk has become boring to the majority of those who live in the United Kingdom. Talking about a problem does not solve the problem if there are solutions to the problem staring you in the face. I do not suggest that all the solutions for controlling greenhouse gases now exist, but those that can help now, without innovation and speculation. They key features of emission savings of the last government were:- Continue reading

Heat Pumps – their pros and cons

The Energy Savings Trust has been testing heat pump performance in 83 homes for the past year. It seems that the EST has reached the conclusion that like the parson’s egg a heat pump is good in parts. Many of the heat pumps made no difference to energy cost or carbon dioxide emission reductions, some made energy more expensive and others produced real savings. Why then, should anyone install a heat pump when it seems such a hit and miss affair? Continue reading

Energy Savings Trust – the bias of experts

The Energy Savings Trust are floating an idea that in six years time homes which have an energy rating of “F” or “G” should not be allowed to be sold or rented out. The idea is intended to reduce the emissions of greenhouse gases from homes, especially emissions of carbon dioxide, and means well but there are a number of disadvantages which need to be thought through. Continue reading

Renewable heat for homes – results of the Energy Savings Trust’s market research

Most businesses are established to service a present need. If you open a shop, you open it where there are likely to be lots of customers and you trade in goods that the customers want to buy. Some businesses, especially renewable energy businesses, however are established to fulfil a need that is quite small when they are established but they hope that the demand will grow greatly.

Businesses which trade in something where there is little present demand are very risky, because they depend upon a large growth in demand. Continue reading