Agent Orange Making A Come back

Genetically engineered crops are supposed to have the advantage in that (among other advantages) they are highly resistant to diseases that threaten crops and thus will require fewer herbicides and other dangerous chemicals or they would be unaffected by chemical weed killers which are used to control weeds in places where these crops are being grown. Continue reading

In The Long Term We Are All Dead

As many people have expected the process of fracking releases much more methane into the atmosphere than official figures credit. A new study published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences shows how researchers used an aircraft to collect information about atmospheric methane concentrations and measured them. Continue reading

Giving the EPA more powers does not threaten the Constitution

Some folks in the United States of America are getting upset about measures which are proposed to give the Environmental Protection Agency (the EPA) more authority to grant permits and regulation greenhouse gas emissions. It is claimed that not only would these measures bring an end to economic activity as we know it, but that they would also threaten the constitutional separation of powers. Continue reading

Don’t bail out the car makers

The whole of the car industry in the world is in some difficulty and they are now holding out the begging bowl for government support. In the United States large amounts of public money has been fed into the car industry. In the United Kingdom two famous names combined into one – Jaguar Land Rover, are seeking and will probably get, over £2.3 billion of loans from the European Investment Bank. It is a poor decision. Continue reading

The EPA’s greenhouse gas registry – the thin end of a wedge we need to employ

Mr Obama’s administration is starting well and positively on its climate change policies. Old ideas which were left to remain on the drawing board and now going through a gestation process, which may produce some real measures to combat climate change. A proposal to require the registration of greenhouse gas emissions, ignored and sidelined by Mr Bush, is now being resurrected by the new President’s team.

A case in point is the United States Environmental Protection Agency, which has announced plans to create a US register on which businesses that create greenhouse gases would be obliged to file reports of their emissions. Continue reading