Top Ten Environmental Misdemeanours

English Law used to distinguish between three categories of crime: treason, felonies and misdemeanours. Treason is self explanatory. A felony was usually a serious crime; a misdemeanour was less serious. Felonies were tried by jury and usually exacted much harsher punishments; misdemeanours were not usually tried by juries and were usually punished by fines. The distinction was technically abolished in 1967 in England and Wales. You could categorise environmental wrong doing in terms of felonies and misdemeanours. Top of the felony scale would be behaviours such as permitting a coal burning power station. When it comes to environmental crime there are more misdemeanours than felonies. Here is my list of the top ten environmental misdemeanours: Continue reading

Will BP go the way of Arthur Anderson?

If you hurt America someone, without doubt, will suffer for it. It may not be the guilty party, but someone will pay. Iraq paid the price for the crime committed in New York at the Twin Towers, even though it had no or little connection with the crime. Arthur Anderson, then the largest audit and accountancy firm, paid the price for Enron, although its culpability is not in doubt, it paid a price that was based on a thirst for revenge, rather than justice. Continue reading