Energy Policy Folly – Wind Turbines

Christopher Booker, writing in the Daily Telegraph on 23rd April, rightly, in my view, argued that the lights in Britain will go out more sooner than expected because of European Union and UK energy law and policy. He sets out the facts as Continue reading

The latest carbon emission savings device – the Carbon Reduction Commitment

 The 2007 Energy White Paper proposed a Carbon Reduction Commitment scheme which fills some of the very large gaps in the Emissions Trading Scheme but continues the ETS policy of “cap and trade” as a way of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.

The Carbon Reduction Commitment (which I shall now call CRC) aims to reduce emissions by 1.2 million tonnes of carbon (or do they mean carbon dioxide) by 2020. I always think it hard to “cap and trade” in an item like carbon dioxide that has no commercial value; it is all rather artificial and involves a long lead in time before those aimed at have to undertake carbon reduction measures. Continue reading